Old School Talk

This is for the old folks like me.

I just started school again. It is tiring trying to keep up. Schools use Discord, Teams, Zoom, Bongo and other online social mediums to teach and interact. It can be mind boggling and intense with all the different tools you need to use and check often.

I am older and did not have all these online tools before. I only used old style forums and email. Reddit today is the equivalent to forums back in the day.

I decided to visit the ‘My Digital Life’ forum to see what is going on and relax.

Visiting old forums like this gives me nostalgia.

There are so many sub forums and threads that you can spend all day on it peacefully as I can not handle the instant notifications of today’s social interaction.

I am old school.

I will restrict my use of Discord which everyone uses now to communicate. I am so addicted to this gamery social app. I get a constant dopamine fix while using it.

And I thought coffee was bad …