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What I Think About Web Development Now …

It took me awhile to finally see what modern web development is all about.

I think I reached a point after the peak where I see that web development is complete and all encompassing.

I should have done this course “WEBD 4201 – Web Development Enterprise” at Durham College back in January 2021 but I had difficulty.

With the opportunity to just do one course this final semester, I finally can take the time to fully grasp and think further how all the roads intersect and play together.

In web development you are doing:

  • Front End
  • Back End
  • Database

Each with their own language and interfacing differently.

Being able to do it and also play around with it to customize it allows you to think more subjectively and personably.

Being able to personally visually customize something rather than just to build functionality (just engineer) allows you to have fun a little and breathe, relax, laugh and smile.

The ability to customize it your way and to your audience speaks to your soul.

It is no longer just numbers.

I feel my brain growing another lobe LOL which feels really nice. The art and communication (socialization) side is being targeted and being nurtured.