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Last Course in College

I am very fortunate to be in the last course of my program at college here in Canada.

It is reading week with the midterm exam done. Progressed 55% through the course so far. More than half way done.

At my age of 38 years old, my past experiences and interests helped me so much going back to school to do this program.

By doing the rest of the final courses last year, I saw overlap in this current course I am taking which helps me tremendously.

I created some projects with my friends in the past and that aided in doing this last course too.

I realized that is what I really need. I needed to just work with my friends on projects that we all want to do. When you are doing this you learn and figure out ways of solving problems to satisfy your curiosity (passion).

Anyways as an old man, you eventually get to a point where you are learning for yourself to grow and heal and be able to handle more things in life independently.

The goal in life at my old age now is to try to be self-sufficient. You can not rely or should not rely on others for life. It takes time to learn all necessary things to grow. It took me literally decades … .

Before I wanted the easy way of doing things. But if you approach life to do everything you need and want independently then things should be obtainable in time. Just give everything time then things should be OK. Let everyday be a learning and growing activity. That is what I learned from my teachers at Durham College doing Computer Programming.

My Problem

Before I just concentrated on doing one thing only and stopping at that. But after doing that for a while, I realized you should develop your mindset to think for yourself and be independent as possible for your health, wellbeing and growth. You must keep doing stuff. It is not the end result that makes you happy, it is the way. Happiness does not come from accomplishing the goal. It is the process that makes you happy. I had this wrong for all my life. This is true if you find yourself still being down after accomplishing some standard goals like getting a degree/diploma. Some people are happy after just getting a post-secondary paper and just working. It depends on your mindset.


The goal in life is to keep being busy really.

But you should learn to relax and have fun too at times. Find people with common interests and similar personality to play with and enjoy if you can!

Thanks and Gratitude

I am so lucky to be in Canada and be able to pursue school and connect/work with people from all around the world from Canada.

Thank you CANADA!