I have been thinking and talking.

I have been having a blast on doing the things that I like for myself.

I accomplished what I set to do in life. My interests are computers, art and programming.

While browsing Facebook app on my phone one day, I saw a post talking about AI (Artificial Intelligence) : – “We’ll never have true AI without first understanding the brain”.

At my small town college, Durham College, they offer a degree in AI: Degrees and AI is finally at the college level (not just university no more). That must mean something. It means that AI is a need. It is now not something in the future.

I was thinking about my journey in life so far to this point. I did ‘waste’ some time doing a degree I did not really like/want. I studied a degree in sciences (Biochemistry and Integrative Biology).

But coming up to this point in life, is there such thing as time ‘wasted’? I did things I wanted to do and had lots of fun. And now I come to this problem …

I believe AI is the final problem to be solved of a computer programmer???

I am at the stage in life that I realize this is the next goal. I came to this conclusion after creating what I wanted in software on my sites and got kind of bored.

I am thinking of doing a degree in AI. That will use partly my science degree I did back years ago. So it is not a ‘waste’ no more??? I would have to study the brain and its biological functioning. Specifically, neuroscience and apply it to AI just like the article talked about.

I am kind of reluctant to do this as I feel I am kind of a ‘lazy programmer’ … but what else is left to do? Also it is different. It feels earthly and metallic at the same time which is unique nice feeling. Just thinking about it is mind boggling and headachy.

Ben, who runs this website with me, said to me that you have to challenge yourself when you get bored. I am not bored, bored doing what I like but if I do try to study AI right after I finish my computer programming diploma, I won’t have to try to do it later in life. I think all computer people have toyed with this idea of AI or is fascinated by it. I talk to my other friends from past jobs about it and we have good discussions on this. I think every person on earth has something to say about it.

I am not sure if I am ready now. I have one semester left of computer programming at Durham College.

At Durham College, this AI degree program is offering a $2,500 Entrance award for 2021. I like Durham College. I have made connections with the teachers here. It has a small college vibe. Parts of the school look really old which makes it feel homely. Also, it is local for me which is OK I guess. I do not really want to travel and spend money. But everything looks to be online anyways during this pandemic and the future. I think in Ontario, Canada, online school may be a permanent option. It looks like it for Durham College and Ontario Tech University (formerly UOIT):