Gaming and Real Life

I was a early gamer. I wrote an article talking about ‘Gaming’ culture. I talked about how everyone games now.

I want to expand on it and how gaming has shaped me I think looking over my past and present life.

With gaming, I focused solely achieving the in-game goals. It was like tunnel vision for me ignoring the real world when I was younger.

This tunnel vision is a form of intense fantasy concentration.

But how does this gaming period of time translate into adulthood and real life?

I think gaming helps with enjoying yourself in the moment when we are young and very into having fun.

When we are older, we have ‘go-to-work pay the bills’ responsibilities.

How I blended ‘old age responsibilities’ with ‘gaming’? I guess I just talk about it freely.

There is an audience who are my age and see my perspective as an older adult focusing on just what I like and there is the audience who are in the moment actively gaming looking for the latest games and tweaks.

We try to build gaming tweaking software on and we have recently built a ‘Gaming Debloater‘.

We hope to continue doing this and do other things we like. We are thankful for you visiting our site and enjoying what we enjoy! Thank you!