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Mature in IT

I am currently going back to school but it is online because of COVID.

I don’t fit in with the younger crowd. But I dish out my wisdom and help out with questions the students have about school and life if I can on the official Discord school channel. I am in my final year so I have lots to say.

However, I spend much of my time browsing the RealHardwareReviews Discord channel:

There are people my age and older with shared interests. Tons of like minded people are there but mostly from Canada.

I can say whatever is on my mind without anyone questioning.

The education and experience level on this server is very high. I am always learning something interesting. There are quite a few professional engineers on it.

I used to work for this company so there is a history dating back to 2013.

Take a look at and their Discord: Lots of interesting things going on.

We are thinking of making our own Discord.