Tech Journalism

I am hesitant.

Is life about work?

Or is it about fun?

I wonder how other mainstream tech reviewers and YouTubers feel about making content. It must feel good to just talk your mind and get paid.

I am more of the reader type. My generation did not have YouTube growing up. I visited text tech sites like and growing up.

I did some tech journalism years ago for in 2017. I helped with their news and did some featured images/thumbnails for their articles and YouTube videos.

My writing back then was very simple and direct as well as the images I made.

Here is a link to the images I made for RHR on Google Drive. Here are my news articles for RHR: Link.

Over the past 4 years I tried to learn programming. I think I have completed what I wanted to achieve since I was 13 years old. I can now write about my experiences and the software I create now. I am passionate about 3 things: computers, art and programming.

Am I still in the working and growing phase? I am in the exploration phase now I think.

I feel it is important for every person in the world to follow their passions. I met quite a number of students at college changing their majors and chasing money and prestige over the years.

I enjoy sitting in front of the computer and doing things. I like writing about my experiences and building my voice and character. I write about my journey in this space.

I hope to write more about programming. I created a blog site on programming: to discuss my tribulations with this subject. It has been a long road …