OLD Computing

I thought I grew … did I?

I did this and that. I worked here and there. Also volunteered there and here.

I ended up doing what I liked still when I was in grade 5 at 10 years old which is computers. I am 37 years old this year.

I had an interview recently volunteering for a non-profit organization. I was offered to do some of their website work. A possible redesign is what they need. Most likely I will buy a WordPress theme and modify that. Simple? Hopefully as I am not fond of web development … LOL!

From talking to the employees at this non-profit, I realized two things. I realized I had experience and they thought I was capable of doing what they needed for their website.

That helped me.

They believed in me. That was such a good feeling.

This made me think. I think I should start a series of blog posts on being older and doing computing programming at college and where it takes me. I think there may be an audience wanting to know that you can go back to school at an older age and try your luck. I think everyone has something to add. Everyone has a unique experience and pathway.

My experiences may help others try again to achieve their computing dreams.

UPDATE: Aug 23, 2021

I have a blog website dedicated to learning about computers: Take a look if you are interested in computer repair and programming. Still in construction!